UNBREAK MY HEART singer Toni Braxton insists her last album, MORE THAN A WOMAN, is like a bad ex-boyfriend - she'd prefer to pretend it never existed.

The soul star admits the album, which she recorded with rap mogul Irv Gotti, was a big mistake because she was persuaded to be more gritty, and she accepts her fans never bought her as a hardcore R+B girl.

She says, "That's like the flop of my career so I don't count that one. It's like, girls, when you date a guy and you're like, 'Gosh, why did I date him? OK, it doesn't count.'

"It didn't connect well with me... People don't want to hear Toni Braxton say, 'Whuz up, shorty? Big boi.' (It was like) 'What is she doing?'"