R+B star Toni Braxton came close to quitting music after discovering her young son was suffering from autism.
The singer was left devastated when Diezel was diagnosed with the disorder in 2006, at the age of three.
She blamed herself, and claims it took her and husband Keri Lewis more than a year to come to terms with the news - and the stress drove a wedge between the couple.
She says, "I was really devastated. I thought it was my fault, as a parent. I remember that period, it was really challenging. It put stress on my marriage. I didn't want to perform any more.
"I almost gave up performing because I wanted to make sure my baby was OK."
But Braxton insists Diezel, now five, has turned a corner and is making great progress: "It's been a hard year, but he is doing so much better now."