R&B star Toni Braxton agreed to star in reality TV show Braxton Family Values after losing a fortune to her sister - at Monopoly.
The Un-break My Heart singer was initially reluctant to reveal all about her life on TV but she was warming to the idea for the show when her sister and co-star Tamar offered to scrap a boardgame debt if she signed on for the programme.
Braxton tells the Los Angeles Times, "We were playing Monopoly. She had Park Place and I lost. I owed her, like, $2,800. And she said, 'If you do the show, I won't make you pay the money you owe.' And she held me to it."
But her sister also had a serious reason for Braxton to do the show - it would help her right wrongs written about her financial and medical issues.
The singer adds, "My sister Tamar said, 'You should use this to tell your story' - because I had those financial issues. She said, 'Stop letting other people tell your story. Use this show to tell what really happened.'"
Braxton filed for bankruptcy last year (10) after she was forced to scrap a series of lucrative shows, including a residency in Las Vegas, due to poor health - the singer has a heart condition caused by lupus.
She says, "I couldn't work. I'm slowly getting my body ready. I went to Russia in the (reality) show, but I haven't been able to do five shows in one week. I also have chronic fatigue episodes, so I have to be very careful of recurring pericarditis."
Braxton hopes the show helps to explain her financial problems to fans: "If they really look at the ledger they'll see things like, she owes lighting companies, staging companies, set companies. Vegas shows are very expensive. I don't think people understand that the person headlining the show, that's your show. You pay for the lights, you pay for the stage, you pay the unions. So I had all these outstanding contracts when I cancelled."