Tommy Lee has become such good pals with singer Blu Cantrell, he ended up in bed with her on American TV yesterday (10NOV03).

The former Motley Crue rocker was a guest co-host on Sharon Osbourne's top-rated chat show, where Cantrell performed her new track MAKE ME WANNA SCREAM.

And once her performance was over, Lee stripped down to his vest and boxer shorts to climb into bed with her and Sharon for a chat.

With his arms around both women, he boasted, "Welcome to Menage Twommy. I'm one lucky dude and this does not suck because I'm here with Blu Cantrell and Sharon Osbourne!"

Osbourne purred, "I've known Tommy for 19 years and it's taken me 19 years to get into bed with you."

Lee responded, "It's really kinda strange because I love you so much and I've known you for so long and it's almost like you're my mom. This feels really crazy!"

Lee also drew cheers from an appreciative audience when he showed off his boxers - called BALLS DEEP - saying, "Every guy on the planet should have these. There's a convenient pocket for like a stash box, but I choose to keep a rubber in there. Isn't that perfect?"

Cantrell, meanwhile, reveals she and Lee have a history of their own. She says, "We met through our publicists. We had dinner, we hung out, had drinks and we started talking and just kicked it like friends."

11/11/2003 02:14