MOTLEY CRUE star Tommy Lee has shattered his wild rock 'n' roll image by admitting he spends his evenings reading books and eating healthy food.

The former hellraiser has always been a traditionalist at heart, and when it comes to stimulation he now snubs mindbending drugs in favour of aspirational novels.

He says, "The last thing I read was called EMBRACING UNCERTAINTY - a great book. My favourite read, though, is CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD.

"I guess if there is one regret in life, it's that I'm actually a little old-fashioned, which I'm sure is hard for people to believe.

"I do drink but it's a little harder to bounce back from the hangovers these days.

"I love vodka cranberry because you are actually cleansing your liver with the cranberry at the same time."

31/07/2005 09:27