Tommy Lee has banned SeaWorld from using Motley Crue's music.

The drummer was enraged when he heard the aquatic Theme Park wanted to use rock music for new killer whale display show 'Shamu Rocks', as he believes it is cruel to make the giant sea mammals perform for entertainment.

In a letter to John T. Reilly, president of the theme park's San Diego location, he wrote: ''I'm writing to ask you not to play any Motley Crue's songs at any of SeaWorld's parks during this sad show.

''Although we like to torture the human fans who willingly come to our shows, we don't want to be a part of making innocent animals' lives hellish.''

This is not the first time Tommy - an active member of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) - has been upset about the treatment of whales by SeaWorld.

In 2010, he wrote to the Orlando, Florida, branch of the park, to complain about the way they got whale sperm from one of their Orca whales, Tilikum.

Tommy wrote: ''We know from SeaWorld's own director of safety (as well as videos on the web) that the way you get his sperm is by having someone get into the pool and masturbate him with a cow's vagina filled with hot water.

''Even in my wildest days with Motley Crue, I never could've imagined something so sick and twisted.''

SeaWorld hit back at the allegations, saying the idea they used a cow's vagina to masturbate a whale was ''beyond ludicrous''.

Both Tommy and PETA have called for the whales to be released Into The Wild.