LATEST: Rockers Tommy Lee, Nikki Sixx, Vince Neil and Mick Mars have confirmed they are putting Motley Crue back together after a break of more than six years.

Rumours the band was reforming broke over the internet earlier this month, but bassist Sixx quashed fans' hopes by saying it had been years since they had spoken to each other.

But now an official spokesman from the hellraisers' management company has revealed the band will begin a world tour starting in Florida next February (05) .

The spokesman says, "Motley Crue are a gang that have always thrived on passion. It is the element that fuels their creativity and guides their decision making.

"When they learned of the overwhelming groundswell of support from fans across the world as well as from members of the music industry, it became obvious to them that the time was right to climb the mountain once again."

Sixx adds, ""We wanna be louder, we wanna be f**kin' ruder. We want more, more, more. That's f**kin' Motley Crue style.

"We're back in ... It's gonna freak you out. Trust me, no one's seen anything like this in years."

07/12/2004 09:43