Rocker Tommy Lee wanted to test the partying endurance of the contestants on his reality competition Rock Star: SUPERNOVA so he flew them to Las Vegas, Nevada for a wild weekend. The Motley Crue rocker claims that anyone who joins his new band has to know how to party and he wanted to see his future bandmates' abilities first-hand. The reality series follows the search for a vocalist to join the new band SUPERNOVA formed by Lee along with former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted and one-time GUNS N' ROSES guitarist GILBEY CLARKE. Lee says about the trip, "Good times. It was insane. We don't hang a whole lot, but we have had some good times at the (Playboy) Mansion and in Vegas. "If you're going to spend a tour with these people and do a record with whoever we choose, you kind of want to see how they operate. You find out real quick who's amateur hour and who's professional. "One of our contestants, DILANA, was carried out like a potato sack and put in a wheelchair and taken to her room (after drinking too much). "That might be considered a bad look. A couple of other guys passed out. It was good though, we had fun!"