Wildman rocker Tommy Lee considered spending a fortune on hiring a private plane to fly him from Los Angeles to London - because it would mean he could smoke.

The MOTLEY CRUE star was invited to the 20th birthday party of OZZY OSBOURNE'S son JACK, and thought flying in his own plane would relieve him of the hassle of non-smoking rules and airport metal detectors.

He says, "We were going to hire a private jet. We usually do. But it's a lot of money just so you can smoke.

"I absolutely hate the airport and traffic. Those two things absolutely bum me out.

"And, oh my God, I got metal - my nipples are pierced and there's a wallet chain - and you are like there for an hour getting shaken down at security. It just sucks. It puts you in a bad mood.

"Do I look like I have a bomb on me? C'mon. I just want to get there."