LATEST: Drummer Tommy Lee on-off relationship with his Motley Crue bandmates is on again - just days after guitarist Nikki Sixx revealed he's quit. Lee initially announced he was leaving the band this summer (07), but he quickly changed his mind. However, Sixx revealed he'd had enough of his bandmate's "antics" and they'd mutually agreed to go their separate ways last week (ends09Nov07). Now it looks like Lee is back in the band after singer Vince Neil told MTV News that news of the drummer's departure was greatly exaggerated. He explained, "I just talked to him yesterday and I talked to Nikki a couple of days ago and we're going to go into the studio in January (08) and hopefully have a single out by March and a tour in June." Neil also revealed the band are working on a new album called The Dirt, named after their hit autobiography.