Publicist IVY 'SUPERSONIC' SILBERSTEIN is continuing to fight her corner in the battle with movie company Fox, to prove she created the 'Scrat' - the half-squirrel, half-rat, who stars in the Ice Age movies.

In anticipation of ICE AGE 2, Silberstein, whose 2002 law suit for copyright infringement was overturned, has plastered posters all over New York City and Los Angeles, urging allies to visit her website

She has also taken her campaign to the skies after chartering a plane to fly a poster of her wearing nothing but a G-string, to show off her Scrat tattoo-adorned body.

The artist, a friend of music stars Tommy Lee and OASIS star Liam Gallagher, tells New York Daily News, "I'm a warrior."

A Fox representative says a US District Court found her claim "completely lacking in merit, and we're confident that the Second Circuit of Appeals will agree and affirm".