Tommy Lee Jones, the acclaimed Oscar winning American actor and director, celebrates his 64th birthday today (15th September 2010). Jones has had a long and distinguished career in film, with roles in 'The Fugitive', 'No Country for Old Men', and 'Batman Forever', amongst his most successful. However, it was arguably as 'Agent K' in the 'Men in Black' films that the 64-year-old enjoyed most acclaim for.
Back in May, Columbia Pictures confirmed that they would be starting work on 'Men in Black 3', with Will Smith and Jones set to reprise their roles as 'Agent J' and 'Agent K' respectively. However, shortly after the announcement, Josh Brolin, the 42-year old actor who recently played President George Bush, was confirmed to play a younger version of Jones' character in a time-travel subplot. Speculation as to whether Brolin would be completely taking over Jones' role were quickly laid to rest as the actor told MTV News, "I don't know what the balance is yet. I'm not replacing Tommy, that I know. There's more suggestion going on than anything"
'Men in Black 3' is currently in pre-production, with a release date pencilled in for 2012. Meanwhile, Jones is filming 'Captain America: The First Avenger', which also stars Samuel L Jackson and is set to hit screens on July 22nd 2011.