Tommy Hilfiger's career was inspired by the late tailor Tommy Nutter.

The 66-year-old fashion designer - who founded his eponymous brand in 1985 - has admitted the British creative mastermind's ''irreverent approach'' to creating suits largely influenced him, especially when he realised Nutter - who passed away in 1992 - styled rock groups.

Speaking about his earliest memory of his idol - who had his own clothing brand named Nutters of Savile Row - to ES magazine, the American businessman said: ''I remember visiting Savile Row [in London] in the 1970s and seeing the incredible designs of Tommy Nutter, who was dressing a lot of the rock groups. His irreverent approach to tailoring has always inspired me.''

And the mogul has revealed the late artist Andy Warhol also encouraged him to find a career he truly ''loves''.

When asked what the best piece of advice he has ever received, Hilfiger said: ''When I once asked Andy Warhol why he did what he did, he replied, 'Because I like it.' I've never forgotten this, it shows how important it is to do what you love.''

However, Hilfiger believes musicians have been ''more influential'' in the fashion business than designers.

He explained: ''In many cases, musicians like The Rolling Stones, The Beatles and Madonna have been more influential in the world of fashion than designers.''

Hilfiger is constantly jetting across the globe to host catwalk shows or exhibitions, but he enjoys nothing more than enjoying some quality time with his family, including wife Dee Ocleppo, sailing his yacht named Flag.

He said: ''My yacht Flag, which I love to sail along the coast of Italy and the south of France with Dee and the children. I really value the time I get to spend with my family.''