Tommy Hilfiger hates pretentious fashion.

The American designer slammed some of his high-end counterparts who create expensive and unwearable clothes and thinks the biggest fashion crime of all is looking like you've tried too hard.

He said: ''I don't believe in pretentious fashion, in clothes that are exorbitantly priced, unwearable or created as an artwork for a museum. In my view, fashion is for the moment, but style is an enduring frame of mind.

''People with good taste never have to try too hard because they know if you spend too much time looking in the mirror you'll only end up confused.''

The beloved fashion guru is known for his clean-cut, preppy style and says his look is easy to achieve with a few capsule pieces in your wardrobe which can be layered and jazzed up with accessories and simple twists with each new season.

Tommy explained to Stylist magazine: ''Having a base of classic pieces in your back pocket is essential and this is what preppy style offers. The white shirt, the vintage worn jean, cashmere sweaters, cotton khaki chinos, a pea coat or trench - everything else can be layered into this.

''That is the enduing charm of preppy style; it is all at once familiar and yet fresh. For instance the white shirt can be worn crisp, straight and perhaps oversized one season, and the next the collar will be popped and the sleeves rolled to the elbows. Detail is also very important so each season we play around with that, adding a trim around the neckline or a contrasting lining; making the pieces familiar and fresh.''