Fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger is joining America's reality TV ranks with his very own show.

Hilfiger and LIONS GATE TELEVISION signed a deal with American TV network CBS this week (ends27AUG04) to produce The Cut, a 13 week series, which will see 16 people compete for a chance to design clothing, shoes, fragrances or home furnishings to be sold under his or her own name through Hilfiger's label.

Hilfiger will host he show, eliminating one contestant each week until a winner is found.

He says, "I'm looking for real people. It could be the housewife in Minnesota who sews her family's clothes. The definition of talent in this business is very wide; it's not just having good ideas."

The designer will call on his showbiz pals to feature serve as guest judges on the show, which will debut in the spring (05).

27/08/2004 19:53