Designer Tommy Hilfiger made his mark in the fashion world by helping his friends look like him.

The US fashion mogul-turned-reality show star started his impressive career when he was still in high school - with $150 (GBP83.30) and 20 pairs of jeans.

He went bankrupt when he was 23 but credits his early years with giving him the foundation for his current empire.

He recalls, "I sold jeans to my friends and I took the profit and I bought more and eventually opened a shop while I was still in high school.

"All my friends wanted to look like me. I didn't really know what fashion was, I just loved rock music and I wanted to look like the (ROLLING) STONES and the Beatles and all the cool musicians."

Hilfiger admits his early fashion ideas didn't impress everyone: "I had long hair and I had bellbottoms and I was asked to leave my high school a few times because I was going against the dress codes."

28/06/2005 09:05