Tommy Hilfiger is inspired by American pop culture.

The 62-year-old designer - who has been in the fashion world for over 25 years - offered career insights to students at the Condé Nast College of Fashion and Design in London, where he revealed he packages ''everything that American culture has to offer'' into his brand.

He added: ''I'm creating what I love and I'm sticking to my niche: the preppy, all American, cool attitude. Your niche gives you your place in fashion.''

Tommy previously revealed he likes to break ''all the rules'' by borrowing elements from the traditional British preppy look and gives them a cool American twist.

Summing up his brand, he said: ''British prep is the real thing - we altered it. We broke all the rules of prep and made it very casual. It's more conservative some seasons, more edgy others, but it always has to be a blend of the two.''

Talking about the future of Tommy Hilfiger and what he hopes to achieve over the next 25 years, he added: ''To continue building Tommy Hilfiger as a premium, global, lifestyle brand. I like to keep on the edge of fashion. You can't be too far ahead or too much behind. You need to be on point.''

Tommy is currently working with Disney to launch a childrenswear collection of T-shirts and jumpers, which each have colourful sketches of the Muppets on the clothing.