British comedian Ted Robbins feared he would die onstage in front of a stunned audience like fellow funnyman Tommy Cooper after collapsing during a performance earlier this year (15).

Robbins slumped to the floor during a performance of Peter Kay's Phoenix Nights in Manchester, England in January (15) and was resuscitated at the scene by an off-duty cardiothoracic doctor and paramedic who were in the audience.

After recovering from his health scare in a hospital, Robbins has now spoken out to reveal he feared he was about to die in front of his fans like beloved comedy magician Cooper, who collapsed onstage during a live televised show in London in 1984 and died from a heart attack.

Robbins says, "I was looking forward to the show, although bizarrely I had a sense of foreboding on the day... I remember coming up the ladder on stage... I did a couple of gags and then I remember feeling kind of peaceful and calm, thinking 'let's have a little sit down for a minute'.

"I did my Tommy Cooper impression - God rest him. But I was lucky enough to survive thanks to some wonderful people... I am so lucky to be alive. Some people don't make it - I did and I am eternally grateful."