Funnyman Tommy Chong is still scratching his head after being released from jail for selling water bongs.

The UP IN SMOKE star was jailed for nine months last September (03) after he was found guilty of selling drug paraphernalia across state lines. Chong was released from jail last week (ends09JUL04) and immediately signed up to appear on pal JAY LENO's The Tonight Show (09JUL04) to poke fun at his crazy arrest and link up with old partner Cheech Marin.

Chong still insists he was merely selling harmless water pipes when authorities clamping down on drug use in Pennsylvania decided his Chong Bongs were illegal.

He explained, "I had a company in Gardenia, California with my son. We made these beautiful Chong Bongs with my picture on it. "(One) was sent to Pennsylvania - to a little head shop run by the DDA (drug agency)."

The CHEECH + CHONG star was then caught up in 'Operation Pipedream', where paraphernalia is deemed illegal if it "looks like it could be used to be smoking pot".

He accepts, "If it has my face on it, it is."

Chong agreed to plead guilty if the authorities left his son and his wife alone.

12/07/2004 09:34