Tomb Raider beauty Angelina Jolie has been offered Cambodian citizenship by the country's prime minister - in honour of her tireless charity work for the nation.

The OSCAR-winning actress - who adopted Cambodian orphan MADDOX in 2002 - is currently on a two-day trip in the African country, where she met Prime Minister HUN SEN.

Of their talks, Jolie says, "He did mention giving me Cambodian citizenship, and I would be honoured, I think. I would certainly be thrilled. So I'm sure I'll be moving forward to actually receiving that."

While in Cambodia, Jolie is giving their community development organisation $1.5 million (GBP830,000) to help an new environmental protection campaign.

Prime Minister Sen's spokesperson confirms, "He welcomed her to become a Cambodian citizen."

06/07/2004 13:55