News Corp shareholders, who are holding their annual meeting in Los Angeles today (Friday), are expected to hear new accusations directed against the company by Labor MP Tom Watson, who will be attending the meeting. Britain's Guardian newspaper said today that Watson "plans to make dramatic allegations about News Corporation's use of surveillance" that went beyond hacking the voicemails of celebrities and politicians. Watson told The Guardian , "I want to leave investors in No Doubt that News Corporation is not through the worst of this yet and there are more questions for the Murdochs to answer." Rupert Murdoch will presumably attempt to answer some of those questions before Watson even has a chance to air them, since he is expected to make an opening statement. There has been some speculation, in fact, that Murdoch may announce that he will be relinquishing the post of CEO but retain the chairmanship of the company, turning the executive duties over to the company's president, Chase Carey. Nevertheless, media analyst Harold Vogel told today's (Friday) Los Angeles Times . "This is not something you want late in your life after building such a great company. ... But now Murdoch must live with this blotch, this stain on his reputation, and it won't be easy to erase."