Experimental singer Tom Waits threatened to "glue" the director's head to the wall on the set of the 1986 film Down by Law if he didn't get his own way. Writer and director Jim Jarmusch admits the pair had creative differences on the set of the black-and-white film. Wait's eclectic brand of music was the driving force behind the feature film - but it took a few hours locked in a car park and the threat of violence to get the director to acknowledge that. Jarmusch says, "I had a big fight years ago with Tom Waits. He said, 'Look, it's not your film. It's a promo for my song.' It was after Down by Law, and it was about the editing. But he was right. And it wasn't a fight. It wasn't anything that disturbed. "It was an argument just one night. I remember I locked him outside in the parking lot, and he's hammering at the door, and he's shouting through 'Jim! I'm gonna glue your head to the wall!' He didn't glue my head to the wall. "But they're not really films of mine, they're films for a song. I learned that a long time ago."