Tom Waits, the innovative American singer-songwriter, pulled the plug on his own 'private listening party" for new album 'Bad As Me' on Tuesday (23rd August 2011). Waits posted a video on YouTube with the apparent intention of previewing new material but in a clever ploy intended to provoke discussion, the singer cut the clip short.
The video featured Waits sitting behind a desk as a turntable played songs from his new album, which is released on 25th October 2011. However, just seconds into the clip, the singer answered a ringing phone before turning off the music and sighing. In a piece to camera, Waits said, "Well, we have a situation here.I'm sorry we had to cut the video. But apparently there's no such thing as 'private' any more. It's an Internet thing, where they say it's going to go out everywhere.I thought this was a private party, kind of a sneak preview for you and me. But apparently not". The singer then proceeded to give a series of potential scenarios, saying, "..If you're having a birthday... and I came early and started eating your cake and maybe I opened up all your presents and started playing with your toys, would you be alright with that? Or, what if you wife was pregnant and she wanted to tell you she was pregnant, and I called you first, and said: Betty is pregnant".
Although fans were reportedly disappointed at not getting to hear much of 'Bad As Me'- the stunt appears to have built anticipation for the album.