Concert promoters are set to use legendary American songwriter Tom Waits in a bid to tackle ticket touts.
Organisers will demand fans provide photographic ID before allowing them entry to Waits' show at Edinburgh's Playhouse venue at the weekend (27/28Jul08).
The move will prevent people buying tickets in bulk and selling them at a higher price through the web or outside the venue - as the names on the tickets will have to match that of the photo identification.
It is the first time the new stringent measures have been applied in Scotland, and the Waits gig promoters insist it is a necessary move to fight touting and prevent fans from paying too much for shows.
But revellers who have bought legitimate tickets for the show on Sunday (28Jun08) don't agree with the strict measures - insisting they should have the right to sell on tickets they have purchased.
One fan tells the BBC, "These tickets aren't cheap, so why should they be prevented from selling something on, at face value, that they have already paid for?
"You're entitled to sell other goods you purchase, so I have some difficulty with a blanket ban on reselling of tickets at face value."