British actor Tom Sturridge received an unexpected education in selling drugs while researching his role as a street performer in new film WAITING FOR FOREVER.
The Vanity Fair star took to the beachfront in Venice, California to shadow the singers, dancers and artists who make their living performing for tourists - and he learned more than he bargained for.
He tells WENN, "The experience of hanging out with those guys, I learned about their life and how you actually can function as a street performer and potentially someone who doesn't have a home in L.A; it was fascinating and scary.
"I didn't sleep on the street or anything like that but I learned that crack costs four quid (pounds)!"
And he admits the new drug knowledge will be useful for his next film: "I'm playing a homeless Northern Irish boy in Junkhearts - he invades and takes over a guy's flat and turns it into a place to sell drugs."