Investigators have swooped on businessman HENRY VACCARO's collection of JACKSON family memorabilia - after learning it contained a pair of MICHAEL JACKSON's dirty underpants.

TV presenter DIANE DIAMOND was shown the size 28, white briefs during a trip to Vaccaro's storage facility in New Jersey, before the haul was shipped to a collector in Europe who bought the treasure trove at auction.

And she felt compelled to tip off Santa Barbara, California District Attorney Tom Sneddon, who is building a child molestation case against Jackson, when she realised the briefs could be important evidence.

Vaccaro says, "County prosecutors came and took a pair of size 28 white underpants. They rang and said, 'You have these underpants? Don't touch them.'

"They took photographs of where it was, put it in an evidence bag and shipped it to California.

"From what I'm told, the underwear was soiled and they want to take DNA because they took a mattress cover from Michael's and they do not have any controlling DNA and they want to compare this with that."

And Vaccaro wants to hand back a number of personal items belonging to Tito Jackson.

He explains, "There are love letters of when he was courting his wife, little baby pictures, trophies of his kids. I shouldn't have that stuff."

12/03/2004 09:38