Movie and Tv veteran Tom Skerritt is terrified about his upcoming Broadway debut in A Time To Kill, revealing he never thought he would make it to the New York stage.

The actor will play Lucien Wilbanks in the courtroom drama, and he has opened up to the New York Post about the theatrical challenge that lies ahead.

He says, "I'm thrilled but terrified. I've worked lots in films but couldn't see eight months on Broadway for little money. Years ago, speaking on Don Quixote, I experienced a live audience. I recall that surge of energy. But Broadway... Holy s**t.

"Rehearsals start now... My heritage is Irish. I'm the type (of person) who'll just go at it, grab it by the throat and deal with it. Having never seen the movie, I'll fortunately come at this with a fresh view."

His role was played by Donald Sutherland in the 2006 Sandra Bullock movie adaptation of John Grisham's novel.