Tom Sizemore, who was questioned by police (13 May 2011) about a female friend who had gone missing, has been relieved to hear that she has been found.
After missing, Megan Wren was found in a home near downtown Los Angeles (May 14 2011), Tom Sizemore told TMZ 'I am [relieved] and happy Megan is safe and sound. It is unfortunate that she did not come forward immediately.' Wren, 25, an aspiring actress, was last seen on the afternoon of 31 March near downtown LA and her family officially reported her as missing on 29 April, according to LAist. The police have released no other details about her disappearance. Furthermore, Sizemore's rep Charles Lago had revealed to E! News last week (7 May 2011) that he was upset that his client's name was part of the investigation, stating that Wren was simply a neighbour who had once lived in Sizemore's building, and not the actor's girlfriend as Wren's father reportedly believed: 'Sizemore has zero to do with it, and now this happened and we have to deal with it.'
According to People, Wren has been reunited with her family. Tom Sizemore is set to appear in the horror-film 'Cousin Sarah' alongside Hilary Duff later this year.