Actor Tom Sizemore is grateful producers of hit Tv drama series Hawaii Five-0 took a chance on the recovering addict by booking him for a recurring guest role because the gig gave him a chance to prove he was responsible enough to take on other projects.

The Saving Private Ryan star rose to fame in the 1990s, but fell from grace after dabbling in drugs and developing an addiction to cocaine and heroine.

At his lowest point, Sizemore served time in jail and tried to take his own life amid domestic violence allegations, and he tells the Associated Press, "I looked like I was 100 years old. I had no relationship with my kids; I had no work to speak off. I was living in squat."

He recently got his career back on track with now more than a dozen movies in the works, and the 51 year old is convinced it's all thanks to bosses behind the popular U.S. Tv show, who took a risk by hiring the troubled star in 2011.

And Peter M. Lenkov, the drama's executive producer, insists he's glad he could play a part in helping the actor get back on his feet.

He adds, "(He was) an absolute pleasure. He came to us with a lot of baggage, but... his final day on set was truly emotional. Lots of hugs. Tears. And fond memories of a world-class actor who proved to us that 'you're never too old to change.'"