Tom Sizemore, the 'Saving Private Ryan' actor who recently sought help for a drug addiction, was arrested in Los Angeles on Tuesday (20th September 2011). Initial reports suggested Sizemore spent several hours behind bars for a missed court date, although the Hollywood star gave a different explanation.
Speaking to following his release, Sizemore claimed he was arrested because a man he knew stole a vehicle and the police followed the trail back to him. According to the actor - who recently landed a role in TV show 'Hawaii Five-O' - the car thief was a friend of a friend who told police he lived at Sizemore's address. The police paid Tom a visit and discovered he had an outstanding battery warrant, arresting him at the scene. The actor claims the whole episode was the result of a "clerical error", claiming someone had failed to log his community service hours relating to a 2009 arrest for battery. The actor, who appeared on Celebrity Rehab in 2010, was released on $26,000 bail early on Tuesday morning.
Tom Sizemore currently has no less than 15 projects in the works. He recently completed filming the thriller 'Murder101' about a female law student who realises she's signed up for more than she's bargained for after enrolling for a criminology class.