LATEST: Movie hardman Tom Sizemore keeps a string of prostitutes on call and uses a cocktail of drugs while filming - according to his former personal assistant.

PAULINA BRIONES alleges the Black Hawk Down actor slept with so many female movie extras in his trailer he called it the 'Pussy Palace'.

And she says the 41-year-old paid prostitutes $4,800 (GBP3,000) for sex and even offered one permanent employment for a salary of $14,400 (GBP9,000) a month.

Briones also claims Sizemore demanded oral sex within days of starting work and eventually fired her for refusing to carry out his raunchy wishes.

She is seeking damages from the actor - who starred in HEAT, NATURAL BORN Killers and TRUE ROMANCE - for sexual harassment.

In the lawsuit, which was filed in Los Angeles, she recalls how Sizemore offered her pals $11,200 (GBP7,000) for sex and ordered her to sleep with her boyfriend while he took Polaroid pictures.

Sizemore currently faces a possible four-year jail term for domestic violence against onetime Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss and will learn his fate in court in October (04).

08/09/2003 13:38