Troubled movie star Tom Sizemore has turned the grainy home videos he took of himself at the height of his heroin addiction last year (06) into a new reality TV series. The Black Hawk Down star documents "his own downfall" in the upcoming VH1 series, SHOOTING SIZEMORE, in which he mumbles about how his life has become a mess. The actor says the film will offer caution to anyone who thinks that taking heroin is cool, and depicts the one evening where he ruined his life and sparked a string of court appearances that ended with him becoming broke, homeless and facing jail. Sizemore says, "I had been drug free for years. That night sparked a downward spiral that nearly destroyed me. "I became heavily addicted to crystal meth and, in the later stages, heroin, and then very suddenly the drugs had completely taken over." Shooting Sizemore will also feature footage of the actor tackling his drug demons in rehab and attempting to revive his movie career. The show debuts in America on Sunday (07JAN07).