A judge has ordered convicted abuser Tom Sizemore to stay away from his ex-girlfriend and to attend a hearing next month (MAR04) to determine whether he violated his probation.

The Natural Born Killers tough guy, who's facing time in jail for beating up lover Heidi Fleiss, is allegedly pestering the former Hollywood madam and showing up at her Los Angeles home announced.

Superior Court JUDGE ANTONIO BARRETO JR yesterday (19FEB04) told the 42-year-old actor "not to contact Miss Fleiss in any way", and to return to the Los Angeles court on 30 March (04) to answer accusations he's been hassling her.

In October (03) Sizemore was sentenced to six months in prison, but his incarceration has been delayed while he completes a drug rehabilitation program.

25/02/2004 01:54