Actor Tom Sizemore has been ordered to appear in court on 5 August (04) to set another hearing into whether he violated probation after being convicted of abusing ex-girlfriend Heidi Fleiss.

Prosecutors allege he made contact with Fleiss and tested positive for drugs, says FRANK MATELJAN, a spokesman for the LOS ANGELES CITY ATTORNEY'S OFFICE.

Sizemore's lawyer, MICHAEL ROVELL, says he expects the hearing to last no more than five minutes. The BLACK HAWK DOWN star, who will attend, is doing well and did not violate his probation, adds Rovell.

In October (03), Sizemore was sentenced to six months in jail on misdemeanour charges of harassing, annoying and physically abusing the former Hollywood madam during their two-year romance.

LOS ANGELES SUPERIOR COURT judge ANTONIO BARRETO JR stayed the jail time while Sizemore took part in a rehabilitation program for drug abusers, and the judge said he would consider reducing the sentence to 90 days if the actor successfully completed the program and other requirements.

Sizemore, 42, also was ordered to stay away from Fleiss and to undergo counselling for domestic violence and anger management. His probation terms also called for regular drug testing.

Rovell says, "His film persona is as a tough guy, but he's a very sensitive, a very genuine human being."

28/07/2004 21:16