LATEST: Actor Tom Sizemore's domestic abuse trial has taken another twist - he was the subject of a domestic abuse charge by his ex-wife Maeve Quinlan, according to a Los Angeles sheriff's deputy.

DET MARK GAYMAN testified against the BLACK HAWK DOWN star yesterday (07AUG03) as part of the suit the actor's ex-girlfriend Heidi Fleiss has brought against him.

Gayman told jurors he answered a 911 call from Sizemore's home in January 1997 and found the actor drunk and angry, and his wife in a bedroom sobbing.

The policeman said Quinlan told him Sizemore had kicked her in the neck during an argument.

He said, "I saw redness on her chest and neck."

Sizemore was taken into custody but later released when Quinlan refused to press charges.

Sizemore has pleaded not guilty to 16 misdemeanour counts of hitting, harassing and threatening Fleiss, a former Hollywood madam.

08/08/2003 19:03