Troubled actor Tom Sizemore has waived his right to give evidence in a domestic abuse case brought against him by former lover and Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss.

Despite pleading not guilty to 16 charges of domestic violence, threats, witness intimidation, property destruction and obscene and harassing phone calls, the Black Hawk Down actor broke down in tears yesterday (11AUG03) when the Los Angeles court was shown a video of Fleiss professing her love for him.

The defence claim the affectionate display from Fleiss disproves her allegations that Sizemore beat her up that particular evening.

Fleiss says on the tape, "I can't wait for Tom to get home to tell him how good he was, how handsome he is, how happy he makes me."

She testified that later that night she had been beaten so badly she was unable to accompany Sizemore to the premiere of Black Hawk Down, after telling him she didn't like the film.

On another occasion, Fleiss claims the actor took a baseball bat to her collection of china figurines, and threatened to kill her brother.

If convicted on all counts, Sizemore faces 13 years in jail. The case continues.

12/08/2003 20:57