Troubled actor Tom Sizemore's stormed out of his first US primetime TV interview since being sentenced to 17 months and four months in drug rehabilitation for repeatedly failing drug tests while on probation.

During the interview with DATELINE NBC, which aired in the US on Friday (01APR05), the SAVING PRIVATE RYAN star - who has been allowed to remain free while he appeals a domestic violence conviction brought against him by ex-fiancee Heidi Fleiss - expressed his disgust at the treatment he has received from the American press.

But as Sizemore explained that he was "broken-hearted" and spoke of his "ageing" parents, he suddenly scoffed, "F**k the press! I'm done," before walking away, dragging his chair with him because it was attached to his microphone.

Moments later, he returned, slightly embarrassed and apologised before resuming the interview, where he fought back tears as he expressed regret over the impact his drug problems have had on his career.

04/04/2005 03:36