Disgraced movie star Tom Sizemore has vowed he'll never take drugs again. The Black Hawk Down actor is currently serving time in Kern County, California for violating his probation in relation to a 2004 methamphetamine conviction. In a jailhouse interview with The Bakersfield Californian newspaper, Sizemore says, "I'm not trading my whole life for some powder. "God's trying to tell me he doesn't want me using drugs because every time I use them I get caught." Sizemore was initially sentenced to serve 16 months in jail, but he is now due for release next month (Nov07) after entering a plea agreement last week (ends05Oct07). At Wednesday's (03Oct07) hearing, the 45-year-old was sentenced to treatment in a drug therapy program. And the actor believes he has got off lightly. He adds, "I got another chance. Some people might think I don't deserve one, but I'm glad the judge thought so and I mean to make the most of it."