Troubled actor Tom Sizemore escaped a spell in prison yesterday (09FEB06) when a judge sentenced him to three months probation for taking methamphetamine in January (06).

At the Los Angeles hearing the SAVING PRIVATE RYAN star, who had faced a possible 16 months imprisonment, tearfully confessed to violating his probation, which stems from a previous conviction for methamphetamine possession. He tested positive for drugs on 23 January.

Sizemore must now submit to weekly drug tests during the three year probationary term, and also has to spend 90 days at a drug treatment centre.

His probation was revoked for the first time last July (05) when he admitted using a fake penis to supply a drug test. He also failed to attend a compulsory drug test every three days.

Sizemore's probation was then reinstated in October (05) when Superior Court Judge Paula Mabrey asserted the actor was making "remarkable" progress.

In 2003, Sizemore was convicted of domestic violence against former girlfriend Heidi Fleiss. He is free on bail pending an appeal.