The jury in the case against actor Tom Sizemore have reached verdicts on some of the 16 counts of domestic abuse he faces - but wish to wait until all counts are decided before disclosing them.

The LOS ANGELES SUPERIOR COURT has heard evidence against the BLACK HAWK DOWN star from ex-girlfriend Heidi Fleiss, who claims the actor was physically and mentally abusive towards her.

Judge ANTONIO BARRETO JNR. had agreed to accept the verdicts reached and announce them to the court but the jury requested that he delayed until they could present conclusions on all 16 charges.

Barreto says, "I'm not going to do it if it's going to make the jurors uncomfortable. I'm deferring to their wishes in this matter."

Sizemore could go to jail for up to 13 years if he is convicted of all charges - which include vandalism, threatening to inflict injury to a person or property, corporal injury resulting in a traumatic condition and making harassing phone calls.

Former Hollywood madam Fleiss dated the SAVING PRIVATE RYAN star for two years.

15/08/2003 13:50