BLACK HAWK DOWN star Tom Sizemore is reportedly in trouble again for allegedly testing "dirty" for methamphetamine.

Los Angeles City Attorney's office has filed a notice of probation violation against the actor, who has still to serve jail time for domestic abuse against his ex, Heidi Fleiss.

According to American scandal show CELEBRITY JUSTICE, Sizemore's lawyer insists his client is taking a drug prescribed by his doctor that may contain components that could cause a false positive result for methamphetamine - and that he is not in violation of his probation.

But representatives of the city attorney's office are going all out to prove that Sizemore filed a false doctor's letter with the court and asked a doctor to lie on his behalf.

If found guilty of possessing meth at a court hearing next week (10MAY04), Sizemore is in "wilful violation" of the terms of his probation.

Last year (03), a jury convicted Sizemore of domestic violence against former Hollywood Madam Fleiss. According to court

documents, Sizemore's sentencing included a minimum 90 days in jail, probation, domestic violence classes and drug testing.

04/05/2004 21:15