Hollywood star Tom Sizemore has been arrested in California on suspicion of drug possession.

The actor, who has appeared in films including the war movies Saving Private Ryan and Black Hawk Down, was said by police to be showing "symptoms of being under the influence".

He was reportedly found with methamphetamine in his car after a man believed to be his associate got into a dispute with a hotel clerk in Bakersfield.

As well as the arrest for drug possession, the actor was arrested on suspicion of being under the influence of a controlled substance and possession of narcotic paraphernalia.

The 45-year-old is on probation after being convicted of methamphetamine possession in October 2004, when he was given a 16-month suspended jail sentence.

Last year he admitted using the drug and was given three-years' probation and ordered to undergo weekly drug tests.

09/05/2007 11:29:34