LATEST: Movie star Tom Sizemore has hit back at reports he was jailed earlier this month (FEB05), insisting he was taken to Los Angeles County Jail simply to post bail.

Reports stated the Black Hawk Down actor was led from a Los Angeles courthouse in handcuffs after a probation hearing turned nasty when JUDGE ANTONIO BARETTA learned Sizemore allegedly failed a drug test.

But he insists he didn't spend a second behind bars.

Sizemore says, "I went to LA County Jail to be bailed. I was never handcuffed and never put in a jail cell. I posted $2,500 bail."

Meanwhile, the actor reveals that some of his famous friends are helping him find the funds to fight his ongoing legal bills, which he claims have cost him $11.2 million (GBP5.9 million) to date.

The strong-minded star insists he will fight all allegations against him in a bid to clear his name and get back to doing what he loves to do - act, read and paint.

He adds, "There are some famous actors helping me financially... and I am the strongest person, mentally. I will win this.

"I like to paint and read and it's very hard to do the things you love when you're fighting for your freedom."

24/02/2005 04:07