Troubled movie star Tom Sizemore was such a broken man at the height of his drug addiction, he contemplated suicide one night when he couldn't remember where he lived.

The BLACK HAWK DOWN star, who is currently appealing a 17-month prison sentence for substance abuse, insists he's clean now after repeated stints in rehab and he never wants to return to the depths of despair, where he found himself earlier this year (05).

He tells US new show Extra, "I couldn't remember where I lived. I was going to kill myself... I had plans to do it."

Sizemore insists the love and support of his girlfriend JANELLE, who gave birth to the couple's twin boys last month (AUG05), has helped him turn his life around.

He explains, "All I want to do (now) is maintain my sobriety and my health, so I can take care of these children and give them every opportunity in life... so that they can have a wonderful life."