LATEST: Troubled actor Tom Sizemore has tearfully begged a Los Angeles judge to give him another chance to overcome his drug problems. The Black Hawn Down star, 45, appealed to Judge Cynthia Ravis for mercy at a hearing in Los Angeles Superior Court yesterday (20Jun07) as she prepared to sentence him for violating his probation in a previous crystal methamphetamine possession case. Sizemore said, "If you would please just give me one more chance for myself. I can guarantee that I will give it everything that's good about me." The actor admitted he violated his probation when we was arrested last month (08May07) in Bakersfield, California, where police allegedly found two bags of the drug and pipes in his possession. Sizemore will return to court on Monday (25Jun07) for sentencing. He faces a potential of 16 months in prison.