Troubled actor Tom Sizemore has been arrested - for allegedly making death treats to his ex-fiancee Heidi Fleiss.

The LOS ANGELES CITY ATTORNEY's office accuses the Black Hawk Down actor of leaving recorded messages on the former Hollywood madam's home answering machine threatening to "knock out her teeth, kill her, and harm members of her family".

An emergency protective order has been issued against Sizemore and he's been ordered to stay at least 91 metres (100 yards) away from Fleiss.

Law officials say an arrest warrant was issued at 6.00pm Thursday (08MAY03) while Sizemore was on the set of his latest film PAPARAZZI. He surrendered at the LOS ANGELES POLICE DEPARTMENT's (LAPD) West Los Angeles Division and was then taken to LAPD's Pacific Division where he was booked on one count of intimidation of a witness. Sizemore posted $100,000 (GBP66,000) bail and was released.

Fleiss, reportedly once beaten by Sizemore, recently began helping Los Angeles police pile up assault charges against the actor, who had charges pressed against him after an alleged attack on BROOKE ASHLEY FORD at his home late last year (02).

Fleiss, who could take to stand to testify against Sizemore, along with his ex-wife Maeve Quinlan when his case comes to trial later this month (MAY03), has said, "All these problems with Tom have to come to an end and Tom has to be accountable for what happened. It's sad that it's come down to this because I loved Tom very much."

Sizemore's publicist says in a statement, "Tom Sizemore and Heidi Fleiss have had a turbulent and unhealthy relationship. For his own well-being, Mr Sizemore had decided to move on. It is regrettable that Ms Fleiss has elected to publicly display her anger at Mr Sizemore's decision. Mr Sizemore is confident that he will be vindicated in court."

11/05/2003 21:29