Former Hollywood madam HEIDI FLEISS sobbed in court yesterday (05AUG03) as she testified that actor Tom Sizemore physically and verbally abused her during their rocky year-long relationship.

But lawyers for SAVING PRIVATE RYAN star Sizemore told a Los Angeles jury that Fleiss was a "liar" who had invented the allegations. Prosecutors said they had photographs of her injuries and tapes of his threats.

Fleiss, who spent three years in prison for attempted pandering, was the first witness in Sizemore's trial on 16 charges of domestic violence, threats, witness intimidation, property destruction and obscene and harassing phone calls.

Sizemore, 41, sat at the defence table during her testimony, but did not address the court.

Fleiss told the court that the actor lost his temper three months after they got together in 2001, when they appeared on the Howard Stern radio show to promote film Black Hawk Down.

She recalled, "Howard Stern asked me if I liked Black Hawk Down, and I said I didn't. I said it was too violent for me, that I liked films like BAMBI."

After the show, she said, Sizemore "was verbally abusive and put his cigarette out on me".

The following May (02), Fleiss said, the couple fought after she learned that he was consorting with prostitutes and led a "whole other life" while filming the horror movie DREAMCATCHER in Canada.

Fleiss said that when she confronted Sizemore over a NATIONAL ENQUIRER article headlined 'Hollywood Madam's Boyfriend Cheating on Her With Hookers', he became violent, leaving her with a black eye and a fat lip.

The next day, Fleiss said, Sizemore hit her again, knocking her to the ground as his Dreamcatcher co-star Thomas Jane tried to intervene. Fleiss said she left in Jane's car, her head bleeding.

06/08/2003 08:52