Actor Tom Sizemore's bitter ex Heidi Fleiss has accused the Black Hawk Down star of being a closet homosexual.

The former Hollywood Madam won a legal battle with the actor after accusing him of beating her. and now she's kicking him while he's down.

Sizemore was handed a 17-month prison sentence last month (MAR05) for violating parole conditions arranged after his court battle with Fleiss on Thursday (24MAR05) and will serve his time behind bars once his current appeal on another abuse charge is heard.

But Fleiss isn't happy that her ex is heading for jail - she's still on the attack.

The former hooker tells America's GLOBE tabloid that Sizemore's abusive nature towards women comes from his sexual confusion.

She says, "Because he's lousy in bed and very homophobic, I have to wonder if he's not struggling with his sexuality. If that's so, he's really going to hate jail."

Fleiss, 39, also tells the tabloid that she was only in love with the actor for two weeks before she realised he was "dangerous" and "a pathetic loser".

15/04/2005 02:56