Director-turned-self-help-guru Tom Shadyac is in talks to take charge of Hollywood's remake of hit French film The Intouchables.

The Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and Bruce Almighty director turned his back on Hollywood in 2007 following a near-fatal bicycle accident in Virginia and he only recently returned to the spotlight as a positive thinker.

His film I Am, which chronicled his personal journey from mega-rich Hollywood player to philanthropist and "the nature of humanity", won him much acclaim last year (12) and now it seems Tinseltown's moguls are keen to work with him again. reports Shadyac is currently in negotiations with The Weinstein Company to direct The Intouchables, which follows the real-life exploits of a paralysed millionaire and his streetwise caregiver.

Colin Firth and Chris Tucker are the frontrunners to lead the cast.