Tom Selleck's avocado business has been dealt a savage blow from the elements - a severe frost has killed off hundreds of tress on his California farm. The former MAGNUM P.I. star admits his ranch is "a disaster area" and a recent "killer frost" has snapped his winning streak as a leading avocado farmer. He says, "We lost, like, 600 trees." Selleck admits the disaster has made him realise just how tough it is for family farmers who don't have an acting career to fall back on. He adds, "I'm a family farmer and it's really hard." Ironically, Selleck isn't a big fan of his chosen crop: "I don't hate avocados because I want people to buy them; they're wonderful. But I don't like 'em. "If I eat my own avocados, that's about a buck (dollar) a piece."